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Job seekers from America and Europe will soon come to Africa – Pastor Otabil

The eminent preacher made this statement during his opening-night address at Accra’s Greater Works Conference, which had the theme “We will get it back,” this year.

The man of God claimed that even though other continents gained much of Africa’s wealth through the slave trade and other methods, God has not abandoned the region.

He referred to Jeremiah chapter 32 of the holy Bible when describing how God delivered Israel from external and internal adversaries throughout its captivity, when deliverance appeared to be beyond reach.

Pastor Otabil continued by asserting that because God is righteous and fair, he won’t stand by and let Africa deteriorate or perhaps even come to ruin.

“Africa will reclaim it, and both the continent and our people will prosper as a result!

“America, Europe, and Asia all had their chances, and they were all missed. It’s also Africa’s chance, he proclaimed, adding that his conviction went beyond physical reality. He also predicted that more billionaires will come from Africa, and that “Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma will read about you.”

In addition to Bishop Tudor Bismark, senior pastor of Jabula New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, founder and senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in the United Kingdom, these individuals will also be speaking at this year’s Greater Works Conference.

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