‘It’s over a year’ – Stefflon Don finally speaks on break up with Burna Boy (video)

Since 2019, the two musicians have been dating. When Burna Boy released a bedroom selfie of Stefflon resting on his chest while he lay topless that year, he made their relationship public.

They are in a relationship, Steff replied, adding, “Relax fellas, he ain’t hit yet but that’s bae.” Since then, the lovers have continued to fulfill our romantic fantasies, but their relationship is now finished.

Burna Boy released a breakup song named “Last Last” in May of this year, officially announcing their dissolution. Stefflon Don is under increasing pressure as a result of the song’s subsequent success as a monster smash track.

The “Hurting Me” singer was questioned about her separation with Burna Boy when she appeared on the Hot 97 radio station in New York. People are unaware that we have been officially split up for a year, she claimed, adding, “I haven’t dated since.”

She explained her reason for remaining unmarried, saying, “I have an issue, I am just a lover, I adore love and I don’t know how to like go out with a guy without thinking I am going to marry you, I feel like I’ll be wasting my time.”

When Stefflon Don first heard Burna Boy’s song “Last Last,” she remarked, “when I heard, he stated something in there and I was like wait that’s a lot.” View the video below to hear more from her.

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