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It’s normal for Wontumi to flatulate during ejaculation; A Plus defends Afia (VIDEO)

A Plus says it is normal for Chairman Wontumi to flatulate during ejaculation, hence, he sees no reason why the business mogul is dragging Afia Schwarzenegger to court.

A Plus appeared on UTV’s ‘United Showbiz,’ where he defended Afia Schwarzenegger. “The issue is, if you’re having fun, you’ll flatulate,” he responded, when asked if he thought Chairman flatulated. “It is feasible,” he said.

“Oh, masa I say when you are enjoying it into details you will flatulate. So I don’t see it as anything that should be taken to court,” A Plus emphasized.

Chairman Wontumi was hauling Afia Schwarzenegger to court for alleging she had sex with him, according to the singer turned political activist. The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party is now seeking two million Ghana Cedis (GHC 2,000,000.00) from Afia Schwarzenegger for defaming him, according to a writ delivered to the social media commenter.

Despite Maurice Ampaw’s claims that she lied about her romance with Chairman Wontumi, Afia Schwarzenegger swore in a video with a bottle of schnapps and crushed eggs that she had actually slept with him.

He offered his two cents on the subject, saying, “I support Afia because she has been treated unfairly by this country, Ghana. Yes, not because I dislike Chairman Wontumi, but because she married a stupid man and when she left him, he seized her phone and recorded a nude video of her. We didn’t detain him, instead allowing him to move around freely. People believe I am terrified of her when I say I support her, but who is she? I’m not scared of her.”he explained

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