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It’s Finished; Yaa Jackson Has Finally Gone Crazy With Her Sense Of Fashion

Yaa Jackson has always shocked Ghanaians with her embarrassing apparel. Even though his younger brother doesn’t support her and has declared on live TV that her sister is being used by Satan, Yaa Jackson’s father is in full support of her- he believes it is all part of showbiz.

Yaa Jackson switched from acting to singing after the Kumahood industry (that’s if it qualifies to be called an industry) collapsed. She has been playing shows and making her presence relevant in the media space and in fact her apparel is not getting any better. As a matter of fact, the more Ghanaians rebuke her, the worst she gets.

Today, she made an appearance on social media and the apparel is just terrible. She has completely done the worst. This kind of apparel is most known by the late Ebony. But we all know where it ended her. In Ghana, it is absolutely legal to wear anything you want.


However, when you become a celebrity, ordinary Ghanaians try to advise you on what to wear because some Ghanaian youths look up to you. But Yaa Jackson doesn’t appear to care about that as she goes crazy with her dresses.



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