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It Is Injustice To Say Kaaka Macho Was Not A Credible Witness – Godwin Tameklo Reveals

In the past weeks, the media space has been ringing with indignation over issues concerning the death of Ghanaian social activist and alleged FixTheCountry convenor, Kaaka Macho. His unfortunate death through a gun shot sparked a longstanding controversy between Ghanaians who believe that his murder was a hatched by some unknown people to end his activism and exposure of mishaps in the incumbent government.

Renowned Legal Practitioner who doubles as a Communications Team Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Laywer Godwin Tameklo has waded into the findings by the Ejura Committee that was set up by the President to investigate the brouhaha. The lawyer has angrily refuted a portion of the Committee’s report on grounds that it breeds injustice.

According to Lawyer Tameklo, citing point 4 of the findings indicate that the Committee failed to do a ‘decent’ work. He stated that the processes that side lined one witness (name undisclosed) who was seen as an leader of the demo makes the findings a bias one. He has registered his displeasure over the Committee’s withdrawal of the witness from the case.

Speaking in an interview today, September 28, 2021 on Good Morning Ghana show, he questioned the Committee on the allegedly fake documents from police which was later revealed to be a true statement to caution the late Kaaka on his activism. In what can be described as a disappointment, he inquired as to how the evaluation into the said statement was done.

He said, “Respectfully, the Committee made a gross mistake in their findings. In evaluating the recordings, they basically said since the individual claimed that he was not at the demonstration but since they havw evidence to show that he was part, he is not a credible witness.”

“The nature of the evidence did not do justice to the events leading to the death of the young man. It cannot be denied that he was deeply involved in the social media activism. Their decision is pure injustice towards Ejura people,” he added.


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