Iran to support Russia with drones for Ukraine war

According to a US official, Iran intends to give Russia hundreds of drones, some of which would be equipped for warfare, for use in its conflict with Ukraine.

According to Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser at the White House, US intelligence indicated that Iran was getting ready to teach Russian military to utilize drones.

He noted that it was unknown if Iran had already supplied them.

Drones have become a crucial component of the conflict for both Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine only recently made a request for donations of thousands of drones to support its military operations.
They are used by both sides to locate the enemy’s locations and to assist in aiming and adjusting their own artillery fire at a target.

According to Mr. Sullivan, US intelligence confirmed the idea that Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine was “comprising a cost to the maintenance of its own armaments.”

He also noted that the Houthi rebels in Yemen have previously attacked Saudi Arabia using Iranian drones.

Prior to this week’s trips to Israel and Saudi Arabia by US Vice President Joe Biden, he made these remarks. As of yet, no nation has joined the sanctions against Russia because of its conflict in Ukraine.

Iran, which demands Israel’s destruction, is viewed by Israel as its worst regional danger.

Since the incursion in February, the US and its allies have sent Ukraine weaponry worth billions of dollars.

In response, Mr. Sullivan stated that the US will “sustain the successful defense of Ukraine

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