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Inside story: Pregnant woman goes viral after husband catches her in bed with a ‘fetish pastor’ (VIDEO)

A pregnant married woman who was discovered sleeping with another guy on her marital bed has been trending on social media for the past 24 hours, with Twitter receiving the most attention.

The tragic episode has prompted discussions on social media, with many criticizing the pregnant woman for accommodating another man after getting married and while carrying her husband’s unborn child.

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The alleged husband made an appearance in the bedroom of the couple’s home in the video to greet his wife and the man, who many people believe to be a pastor.

The husband raced into the room with his phone camera recording the two naked in what appeared to be an intimate moment.

Many people were drawn in by the candles that were set around the bed as well as other artifacts like a frying pan, an enclosed calabash, native jewelry, and amulets that were positioned in strategic locations for reasons they could only guess.

According to several sources, the incident took place in Zambia.

Intriguingly, Zambia Online said that the woman identified as Martha was really “doing the last ritual for safe delivery” when she begged her husband for forgiveness after being caught red-handed.

However, the report noted that she had previously been childless and identified the pastor as the person who had assisted her in conceiving.

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