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I’m tired of getting arrested, give us jobs – Man to govt

The government of Ghana must give jobs to the kids of Ashaiman, according to a young guy from Ashaiman named Wisdom, or else it will have to legalize the selling of marijuana.

Wisdom claims that he hasn’t had a job for a while and relies on marijuana to support himself and his family.

Wisdom revealed that he has been jailed numerous times for selling marijuana and sentenced to two years in prison during his appearance on SVTV Africa’s Ghetto Life Story. He said that because the authorities “know this neighborhood is a slum,” they occasionally arbitrarily detain people.

“I started selling since my family was in a bad situation and my job fell apart when my supervisor went on vacation. I therefore made the decision to start that business to help my family.

“There are no employment in our area, and we need to ask the administration why. If you woke up tomorrow morning with nothing to eat, wouldn’t you find a method to earn money? I’ve engaged in a lot of terrible behavior.

Furthermore, Wisdom begged the government to create jobs for the local young, claiming that “businesses don’t even employ us when we name Ashaiman.” There won’t be any criminals if they permit us to sell the marijuana.

Wisdom talked on the impact marijuana has made on his life. He claims that he smokes because it helps him calm his rapid temper.

“Cocaine is bad, but nowadays the youth mix it with cannabis. I don’t use cocaine, but marijuana helps me think clearly,” Wisdom said to DJ Nyaami.

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