Illegal miners arrested: mining operation on the River Offin was burned

On River Offin in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region, about nine illegal miners have been detained and their machinery has been taken offline.

The Nyinahin District Police and National Security, under the direction of Isaac Kofi Marfo, the District Chief Executive (DCE), and his task team, detained them on Sunday.

The majority of the miners are reportedly foreigners from Togo.

Bandim Andrew, 42, Ayitey Anaglo, 38, Wilfred, 33, Dagger Etse, 31, Kwadwo Bosompem, 30, Winnie Sowi, 25, Collins, 24, Amewuve, 22, and Noah Agbagba, 22, have all been positively identified.

Speaking after the arrest, the DCE, Kofi Marfo, praised the taskforce and the security forces for acting quickly and denounced the destructive behavior of the illegal miners.

He saw it as proof that his character was false when he claimed to have concessions and to have given free rein to illegal miners in the region.

He said that he would not give up and would help the administration in its fight against the threat, which was draining the state’s funds.

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