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If Mahama And Akufo-Addo Is Not Good For Ghanaians, Then Who Should We Vote For – Kelvin Taylor Questioned Captain Smart

Today, Kelvin Taylor caused a massive stir as he exposed the hypocrisy of his fellow journalist, Captain Smart. He analyzed Captain Smart’s performance as a journalist and as such, described it as a style of journalism that lacks credibility.


He boldly declared that he had spoken in person with Captain Smart on several occasions but that cannot distort the fact that Captain Smart cannot be trusted. He revealed that Captain Smart was playing with the minds of Ghanaians in an attempt to control them. He disclosed that Kuffour was using him to get what he wanted.

He stated boldly that Captain Smart is a hypocrite and that he is not as partial he has presented himself. He later played a video where Captain Smart questioned the integrity of Mahama’s green book.

“When he comes on live TV, he should answer one simple question for me. If you think Mahama and Nana Addo is not good for Ghanaians, then who should we vote for in 2024?”, Kelvin Taylor queried

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