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Ibrah One, a Ghanaian socialite who has been seen traveling throughout Niger, has gone mad (WATCH)

Ibrah One, a wealthy Ghanaian socialite, has been sighted wandering the streets of Niger, unclean.

Ibrah, who was dressed simply in a singlet and denim shorts, was spotted sleeping on the street and afterwards roaming around while conversing in viral footage.
Someone in the West African country who recognized him captured videos and subtitled one in French. When translated into English, “Ibrah One il devenu, la vie n’est rien” means “Ibrah One has gone insane, life is nothing.”

According to rumors, the rich socialite has been fighting mental illness. She has been controversial in recent years with strange admissions and statements. His relatives verified to a Famebugs source that he was transported to a clinic in his homeland of Niger for treatment, but that he fled and ended himself on the streets.

His relatives raced in to get him back to the psychiatric clinic to continue receiving treatment after this video recorded him on the streets, according to the report. On social media, the video below has gotten varied reviews.

Ibrahim Dauda, a Nigerien, is known for his flashy automobiles and unexpected acts of generosity. He shared 11 iPhones in January 2020. He also gave away 10 iPhone 8plus in a Trotro on the streets of Accra in 2017.
Kennedy Agyapong initially acknowledged Ibrah’s mental health problem in June 2020, after threatening to have him arrested for defaming him.

According to the Assin Central MP, the young millionaire’s brother, Abass, approached him to grovel over his rash remarks, presenting him with medical reports proving Ibrah One is a bipolar patient.

Kennedy Agyapog expressed sorrow for answering to Ibrah’s dare on Atinka TV. “I even regretted speaking to him after learning all of the boy’s information,” he claimed, adding that owing to his condition, he is being held at Pantang mental hospital rather than a prison.

“The brother produced the medical records, and the doctor noted that he wasn’t taking his medications.” My wife informed me that putting someone like him in prison would just aggravate his situation, therefore the best location to take him is Pantang,” he stated.

In the video below, you can hear more from him.

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