I will invest $1bn in Ghana football if I am elected president – Kofi Akpaloo

Kofi Akaploo, the founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), has promised to invest $1 billion in local soccer if elected president of the nation.

The Ghanaian politician claims that the significant investment will boost employment and assist the national teams win awards.

“I will invest much in football when given the opportunity to lead Ghana as President in 2025 so we can construct a strong team that can fight and win the competition (World Cup) for Ghana,” Akpaloo told Kumasi-based Akoma FM.

“I view football as a business; when you invest wisely, you get significant rewards with associated economic benefits for the populace.

“I will contribute $1 billion to the GFA so they can foster talent development. This will be an additional source of employment.

“The only way we can assist colts football and grassroots athletics is through investing in sports.

“Every year, my administration will offer financial assistance to club owners in everything from boxing to the Premier League and other sports.

When Ghanaians give their government the go-ahead, “football will be a priority for my government,” he continued.

Additionally, he pledged to give local leagues in Ghana, particularly the lower ranks that are clearly suffering from financial difficulties, priority.

Mr. Akpaloo’s bid to win the 2020 presidential election was unsuccessful.

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