I was bullied for my ‘Kwaku Frimpong’ name, but… – Black Sherif

Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif has revealed why he continues invoking ‘Kwaku Frimpong’ and ‘Kwaku Killa (KK)’ in his music.

“As you can see, I frequently utilize Kwaku, KK. He stated, in a voice that was almost hoarse, “I used to get bullied for that,” in a Spotify RADAR Africa interview that was uploaded to YouTube on December 14, 2022.

He laughed as he continued to tug his beard, “At the time, I was Sherif Frimpong Ismail.”

He cited what his bullies would say as an example of why he was targeted because of his preferred name: “How are you, a Muslim, calling yourself Frimpong?”

Even though his father’s name was Frimpong, he said, “I didn’t like the Frimpong name” because of the ridicule.

But after graduating from high school, he understood that the name is: “My identity.”

“Due to that background, I have always felt I have to do something, I have an obligation to pay, pay my dues, so that name would be acknowledged and honoured,” he confessed his resolve. This is the reason I don’t frequently front Sherif Muhammed Ismail.

He said emphatically while looking his Spotify host in the eye, “I [rather] face Kwaku Frimpong.” “That [name] is who I really am,”

He added that he was surprised to discover that subconsciously, his preferred moniker when he makes music is Kwaku Frimpong. He is currently the fastest-rising Ghanaian music talent.

“I created a lot of songs in about eight weeks, and in about 80% of them, I found myself saying ‘Kwaku’ a lot,” he stated in awe as though it were a recent epiphany.

The tagline “Kwaku Frimpong will cause problems” was born in the breakout song for the Konongo-born rapper, “Second Sermon,” which later got a remix featuring Burna Boy from Nigeria. The young adult laments participating in activities that his family, particularly his mother, would disapprove of in the song as he seeks a better life in Ghana’s capital Accra.

The serial hitmaker claims he has “given” the moniker its due honor now that everyone is screaming “Kwaku Frimpong.”

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