I Slept With My Cousin Because My Husband Never Sustained Me Enough But I Regret It – Lady Narrates Her Story

Catherine and Robbert had been married for almost six years where they were blessed with two beautiful children. Later their marriage fall apart due to some circumstances.


He made an effort to provide his wife with meals every day by giving her at least 100 bob. The husband and wife’s situation was far from worst, and the wife was dissatisfied. When Catherine complained about the lack of money, her husband offered to start a vegetable store for her, but she declined. She insisted she was too gorgeous to be a vegetable salesperson. After that, she began looking for part-time work.

Initially, she worked at a bar serving wines and spirits before moving on to a nightclub, where she worked long hours in exchange for tips. Catherine no longer needed her spouse when the money was plentiful. She walked away from her family to pursue her own interests.

In the midst of her hustle, she had a slew of affairs. The husband once discovered Catherine and her cousin sleeping in his bed with him. Despite his lack of reaction, he was deeply upset by his wife’s behaviour.

Due to his newfound prosperity, the husband has moved on and married again. On hearing her husband had a second wife, Catherine arrived and kidnapped the kids, returning them to her parents.


Catherine has returned home and is asking for forgiveness from her husband. She has promised to be a good wife and mother and wants to raise her children as a family together.

How would you advise this Husband? Should he take back Catherine?


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