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I regret leaving behind my GH¢2,000 job for France, I sometimes cry – France-based Ghanaian

Frederick Adu Amankwah, a Ghanaian living in France, admitted that he regretted leaving behind his crane operation job in Ghana, which earned GH2,000 plus benefits for traveling to Europe.

Frederick said during his appearance on Daily Hustle Worldwide that his choice occasionally causes him to cry. Adu claims that up until his sister paid for his travel to France, he was content with his work in Ghana.

Mr. Amankwah claimed that when he went to the Ghanaian embassy in France to obtain the necessary paperwork for his return trip, they convinced him to stay.

“I informed my sister that I wouldn’t have come here if I had known I would be lost due to paperwork. My white employers in Ghana begged me to work and gave me transportation benefits as well.

“I had to find a job to pay rent, but it was not a job I liked. My sister had to send me money for food. It’s not easy; I cry sometimes,” he told DJ Nyaami.

He has reportedly lived in France for six years, but Frederick claims he is unsatisfied. He said, “I begged my sister for assistance, but she said that I wouldn’t seek her for that support if I traveled through Libya.”

The father of two further claimed that although his present job pays 500 euros, he only receives half of that amount.

“I want to travel to Ghana, and I’m pleased to express that. I went to the Ghanaian embassy in this country to get documents sent back, but they informed me that some were still traveling over the sea. They convinced me to remain, he continued.

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