I impregnated my ex-girlfriend after I married – Movie producer

Loudmouth Abro, a popular moniker for Peter Mawuli Ekpe, a Ghanaian film producer, has described a challenging circumstance he encountered in the past.

Abro confessed to having impregnated his ex-girlfriend after they got married in an interview with ZionFelix.

He claimed that he got in touch with his ex again when his furious wife packed up and went to live with her parents.

He claimed that whenever they had minor disagreements, his wife would go live with her mother or father.

The movie producer claimed that after his wife had been gone for a few months, he ran across his ex-wife and, upon seeing how lovely she had grown, renewed his interest in her.

According to Abro, they began having sex until his wife came home.

He made it clear that he and his ex-girlfriend had broken up once more.

Later, Abro’s ex-girlfriend unexpectedly became pregnant.

The well-known film producer admitted that he learned of his ex-pregnancy girlfriend’s through his wife, who inquired as to its veracity.

Abro claimed that when the question was put to him, he immediately went to the bathroom.

Although he originally disputed it, Abro assumed the duties once the child was born because it was obvious that he was the baby’s father.

Abro and his wife sadly separated, perhaps indicating that they did not share the same understanding, although they are still close.

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