I have a thing for taller men- MzVee lists qualities in men she loves

MzVee, a dancehall musician, has made a clear statement to the world about the type of man she would like to marry.

MzVee claimed to be single and she is undoubtedly eager to date; nevertheless, the man should at the very least possess some traits that would ensure a happy future.

Individuals can apply since I’m eager to meet new people, she stated.

MzVee claims that she prefers taller males.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like short males. I find taller men more appealing. Not very tall, just taller than I am.

I also appreciate honest, straightforward men. I work assiduously, “She spoke.

MzVee recently discussed her previous relationship and what caused it to fail.

The well-known singer claimed that her boyfriend’s jealously and anxieties caused their relationship to collapse.

When asked if her partner had ever expressed concerns about her music profession, MzVee admitted that her ex-boyfriend initially lacked confidence in her musical talent, which ultimately developed into jealousy and insecurity.

MzVee was speaking to Zionfelix during an interview. She remarked that as a performance, she drew guys from all walks of life, including those from other countries. But this attention angered her ex-boyfriend.

“He began experiencing jealousy and other such emotions. He was unable to manage it. It results from the work. Being with a female musician might be challenging since men frequently give them the benefit of the doubt and other things of that nature. You need to have self-confidence. She will meet a lot of men, and at some point, you might even believe that she loves you.

You merely notice all these wealthy individuals from various nations. And if you lack confidence, your relationship will suffer as a result. I believe he felt insecure,” she remarked.

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