I don’t want to work with him again – Pappy Kojo on feud with Joey B

Rappers Pappy Kojo and Joey B from Ghana were the closest of friends, but for the past six years, their relationship has deteriorated for reasons that are only known to them.

Back in 2019, rumors about their alleged beef entered the news and generated a lot of discussion.

Pappy Kojo recently revealed the details of what actually caused their disagreement on Twitter in an open forum.

The “Realer No” singer admitted that, since 2015, he hasn’t really had any kind of meaningful relationship with Joey B in a Firesticks interview from March 2022.

He claimed that this was because Joey B decided to give him some space after Pappy Kojo refused to leave Snypa and Akitiwroro, two of his buddies, when Joey requested him to.

He continued by saying that he had to cry on numerous occasions and even complain vehemently to Joey B’s manager at the time since he had been so devastated by this outcome.

Pappy Kojo was recently asked if he was willing to make amends with his former pal during an appearance on 3 Music TV’s Culture Daily show on Friday, December 9, 2022. He responded emphatically in the negative and said that he wouldn’t do it even if it meant earning a lot of money.


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