I don’t want negative discussions about my album – Shatta Wale warns critics ahead of album release

Shatta Wale’s highly anticipated GOG album, which is scheduled for release in Ghana and around the world in October 2022, has been eagerly anticipated by his fans and music lovers.

But he has stated that he will release the album in October of this year, and he is well aware that critics are waiting in the wings.

Just a few weeks away from the album’s formal release, Shatta Wale has issued another warning against it, claiming that his GOG album is not for the Ghanaian music industry but rather for his fans who have supported him over the years.

It says on his post: October rain. Prepare yourself for a few singles from the #GOGALBUM2022

Please, please, please. This record is not being made for the Ghanaian music industry. I’m doing this as part of my job to spread love and peace throughout the world. Warning: I don’t want anyone to criticize my album on any platform. I came here with my own movement, the “SHATTA MOVEMENT,” rather than coming to join any unions.

According to the dancehall singer, the G.O.G album will be published on October 17, 2022, after teasing fans with a few tracklists and features of the album.

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, he made the announcement while performing at Summer Stage in New York.

A few months ago, the dancehall musician told his followers in a Facebook live broadcast that his upcoming album Gift Of God will be the best chronological album ever released by a Ghanaian artist.

Shatta Wale went on to say that because he faced and overcame his anxiety, he is now unafraid to enter the worldwide market and is prepared to shock everyone.

He claims that since all of the promotional and advertising techniques have been developed and documented, it is now up to his supporters to help promote the brand and seize this as an opportunity to create their own opportunities for financial success.

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