I allowed my guys to flourish when I felt okay, I expect my fellow entertainment oldies to do same: Ohene-Djan

Abraham Ohene-Djan, CEO/MD of Ohenemedia (OM) and its Creative Director, is an advocate for a vibrant environment for up-and-coming talent in the entertainment sector.

He has given his older contemporaries in the entertainment industry advice to make room for budding artists.

In an interview with Accra-based 3FM’s Drive show, the seasoned filmmaker said that senior citizens shouldn’t necessarily wait until they are absolutely worn out before they ultimately give in to retirement. Modernghana News listened to the interview.

No matter how excellent you are, Ohene Djan stated, “I believe that when something reaches a certain stage you should step aside to allow the generation behind to likewise shine.”

He explained that he took an early retirement solely to allow the young people working for him the freedom to pursue their career. He used himself as an example.

He emphasized that his coworkers should follow suit.

“In the middle of the 2000s, I stopped putting my name on videos and allowed everyone in my company to do so. I made a small move to the side so that others would have room to demonstrate their skills “He divulges.

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