Hushpuppi bags 11-year jail term in the United States

TVC news reports that because the socialite has already served two years in prison as a result of his arrest in Dubai, he would only serve nine years in a US prison.

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Remember when Hushpuppi was detained in Dubai in June 2020 as part of an extensive fraud and money-laundering enterprise that defrauded individuals across numerous nations?

He entered a guilty plea to conspiring to launder money with a number of individuals both inside and outside the US in order to speed up the legal process.

After making an appeal to US Judge Otis Wright, he was ultimately given an 11-year term for his role in the prison’s cleaning program.

In a final appeal to Judge Otis Wright, Hushpuppi wrote a personal letter to the court narrating his source of wealth, criminal adventure, and regrets. He apologised to his family members for bringing them shame while commending the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for doing a thorough job in bringing him to justice.

Dubai-based millionaire from Nigeria The Federal Bureau of Intelligence and the International Police detained Hushpuppi born Raymond Igbalode in 2020 on the grounds of money laundering after some incidents of fraud were connected to them.

He and his pal Woodberry were pulled up together in Dubai.

Sources claim that Interpol detained Hushpuppi for allegedly defrauding $35 million by giving $35 million worth of Covid-19 ventilators to Native Americans during the Corona Virus Pandemic.


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