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Hunter killed another hunter in Wassa Essamang after mistaking him for an antelope.

At Wassa Essamang once more, a hunter shot another hunter while the two were out on a hunting expedition.

The two hunters, Emmanuel Teye, age 49, and Kwabena Manu, age 53, were hunting in the Essamang forest, according to the assemblyman for the Essamang electoral region, Hon. Amos Adjei.

He stated that neither of the two hunters was aware of the other’s presence in that area of the forest.

The Assemblyman claimed that while hunting, Emmanuel Teye noticed some leaves moving. He kept looking in that area, thinking it might be a deer. He then took up a very favourable position and started shooting. Sadly, it was another hunter, Kwabena Manu.

The Wassa East District Police have transported the remains there for preservation and an autopsy.

Hon. Amos Adjei revealed that following the first event, a number of sensitization sessions for the local hunters were set up, but it was regrettable that the fatal incidence happened again barely three weeks later.

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