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Hungarian diplomat arrested for reckless driving

On Friday night in Accra, some drivers and pedestrians who use the Airport area route gave the Ghana Police Service high applause after they detained a guy driving a car with a CD license for driving recklessly. The man was eventually identified as a Hungarian ambassador.

Eyewitnesses report that the ambassador was detained by police officers on traffic duty at the Airport bypass for violating the nation’s traffic laws by driving carelessly and irresponsibly while using a Toyota RAV 4 with the license plate CD 401 – 16.

The ambassador fought being brought to the police station for several minutes after being arrested, according to the witnesses.

According to eyewitnesses, as the diplomat was resisting arrest, officials highlighted that he had previously received warnings for the same behavior.

According to, additional investigations have revealed that the diplomat in question is David Bekesi, the deputy head of mission for the Hungarian embassy in Ghana.

The diplomat was freed by the Police after the case was forwarded to the Foreign Affairs Ministry in accordance with diplomatic protocol, according to a follow-up to the Police station.

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