How to make love: Does the difference in height of partners matter during sex

When two people get together, there are sparks flying that attract them to each other, physically and emotionally.

People usually tend to choose their partner based on appearances, but what happens when a really tall partner gets with a comparatively short one?

Many believe it to be problematic for a few sex positions or even kissing while standing. On the other hand, some believe it gives them a thrill.

But does the height difference really matter while having sex? Let’s decode this.

It does get…a bit problematic

If a 6 ft 3 inches man tries to have sex in the missionary position with his 5 ft 1-inch partner, it would involve practical hassles for sure. Watching your partner’s face while making love is something that is orgasmic and it might be a challenge if there is too much difference in the height of the partners.

It’s difficult for people who like vanilla sex

Soft, gentle sex (vanilla sex) is a tad bit difficult for couples with great height differences. If you’re someone who likes to look their partner in the eyes when having sex, but you’re almost a foot smaller than your partner, then it probably won’t work out for you.

For those who like dominating, rough sex, it’s a bonus

People who like to dominate and are taller in height have an advantage if their partner is much smaller in height than them and also like to be the submissive one. The difference in heights really adds to the power play in rough sex, which some couples really enjoy.

Certain positions are fun

If the smaller partner is on top of the taller partner, it’s all well and good. This can be a very fun and exciting position as most women tend to climax when on top. Other positions like spooning or standing sex can be really thrilling as well.

To conclude, the height difference between a couple does matter during sex because they can’t attempt sex positions, but those who like power and dominating sex play might enjoy the height difference a little more.

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