How To Be Successful As a Small Business

How To Be Successful As a Small Business

How To Be Successful As a Small Business

Small scale businesses most often are somewhat easy to start up in Ghana. However, the most greater percentage of them die-off or run out of business in less than 2years due to several inadequacies.
According to research conducted by credible regulatory agencies, such as the Ghana National Board for Small Scale industries, Imperfect, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, has revealed that about 70 to 80 percent of such businesses fold up within 2 years of start-up.
To provide help for such businesses, THEONISSI BUSINESS CONSULT, providers of business and other allied services is here to help find solutions to these challenges facing the above-stated business concerns. THEO NISSI BUSINESS CONSULT, an Accounting and Audit Professionals, provides the following services, to help put small businesses in order, to enable them to keep proper business and financial documents in a more professionally acceptable manner for decision making and also to meet specific requirements from financial and other regulatory agencies, for the processes and securing of Loans and related requirements of various institutions that provide business-related aids in furtherance of their Set-ups:-
* Generation of Prime Books of Entry.
* Generation of Ledgers.
* Debtors and Creditors Profile.
* Cash Analysis Record Book.
* Provision of Financial Statement.
* Provision of Budget Statement.
* Business Plans.
* Marketing Plans.
* Advice on Procurement Services
* Provision of Payment Vultures (PV’S) and other services in furtherance of business pursuits.
* We also provide Audit services to ensure that sound business principles and regulations are followed satisfactorily.
* We also provide FREE Consultant services on other related business matters based on specific requests.
It has become very important and necessary for businesses to keep and maintain standard business practices in this digital business age, a requirement needed to survive today’s complex business environment.

For further information, please Contact the following Leads:- https://was.me/c/233242886470

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