How tanker tracking devices have forced drivers to go on strike

A sit-down strike has been declared by members of the Gas Tanker Drivers and Petrol Tanker Unions.

The Association had previously stated that the ongoing ban on LPG stations being built since 2017 and the association’s strike were the result of bad working circumstances, unjust treatment of drivers by BOST and NPA, and terrible working conditions.

They have stated that their largest problem, nevertheless, has also been tracking devices placed on their trucks.

Clement Ampadu, the tanker unions’ chairman, said on Tuesday that the gadget placed on their vehicles is making work challenging because it prevents them from traveling to other locations.

“The livelihoods of people and our working conditions are our primary concerns, but the tracking device installed on our trucks by NPA is the primary reason we are going on strike.

“We sleep in the truck where we reside, and this tracking gadget is making our health worse. These tracking gadgets on our trucks are contributing to the deaths of certain drivers. We are startled that people don’t understand us, but it causes us a lot of health problems,” he remarked.

They have been complaining to the authorities for months, according to Mr. Ampadu, but nothing has been done.

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