How Paul Pogba allegedly faced a €13 million threat and paid a ransom of €100,000 to blackmailers

The ongoing blackmail situation involving Paul Pogba and his brother Mathias Pogba has continued to yield more information.

Just a day after his brother Mathias posted an odd video online threatening to reveal some information about the former Manchester United player, reports in France earlier on Sunday claimed that Police had started looking into claims concerning Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

According to RMC through GFFN, the Juventus midfielder has already paid €100,000 to people allegedly trying to extort money from him following the disclosures regarding his brother Mathias’ alleged attempts to blackmail him. A police investigation is still ongoing.

The amount paid by Paul is still far less than the €13m allegedly demanded by a group of men, including some of the player’s childhood friends, who are said to have dragged the France international to a Paris apartment during the March international break before demanding the money for “services rendered” and asserting that they had secretly protected Pogba for the previous 13 years.

In a hearing on August 9th, Pogba sat through his attorneys and stated that after the gang’s demands, he had begun paying the individuals in an effort to buy time and appease his alleged blackmailers.

Before the case was heard in France, Pogba was compelled to submit the incident to Italian police as a result of the unabated demands.

The people involved in the Pogba claimed attack and blackmail are still unknown, but the investigation into the case is still ongoing and is anticipated to pick up steam this week.

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