How Naturally “Correct” S3xual Weakness

How Naturally "Correct" S3xual Weakness

How Naturally “Correct” S3xual Weakness

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S€XUAL desire decreases due to lack of libido and is often associated with the psychological factor.
More complex than that, it depends on the secretion of hormones as well as environmental factors.
Generally, fatigue, stress, depression, also illness and drugs can cause a decrease in S€XUAL desire.
In fact, if a man is tired and in doubt, he prefers not to have S€X.
Lemon, ginger, honey, onions, and garlic are among the countless blessings from God almighty . They all are loaded with immense
health benefits.
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They are of medicinal value as well and cure many ailments.
To mix lemon, garlic, ginger, honey n onion is perfectly all right. It’s very easy with an electric blender.
Squeeze out the juice and take 4 teaspoons full at night.
To get maximum benefits from them, it’s good to use their uncooked form, as we use them for salads or for dressings.
However for better taste and to avoid their unpleasant smell we can cook them on low heat for a little time.

SOURCE: Free Health Services

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