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How I lost My Pregnancy – Princess Shyngle Sadly Reveals

Gambian-born Ghanaian-based actress and real-life barbie doll, Princess Shyngle, has exclusively revealed why she destroyed her pregnancy as she was due to deliver in January 2022.

According to Princess Shyngle who has never been in the news for a good reason, she was told by doctors that her fallopian tube will burst and she will bleed to death if she decides to keep the pregnancy.

Detailing what actually happened to her over 900k Instagram followers, the “Tapoli” shape headmistress said her super-thin waist is the reason her fallopian tube couldn’t contain her baby.

She also recounted how she spent tons of cash on baby’s clothing, food, diapers, soap, etc after she learned that she was pregnant but unfortunately, she lost her child along the way.

Princess Shyngle who is now fine also narrated how she was rushed to the hospital on that unforgettable day after she complained about severe abdominal pains with the hope that her child will be fine regardless of what happens but luck refused to smile at her.

The daughter of the politician ended her emotional post by encouraging women who have also suffered miscarriages to keep their faith in God because, in his time, all things will be perfect.

Her fans and loved ones who couldn’t hold back their tears took to the comments section of the heart-wrenching post to console and also encourage her to hope for the best since she still has life.

She wrote;

This is a video of me when I was so depressed and sad , June 27th 2021 hands down the worst day of my life 💔💔 after celebrating for weeks and preparing for my new bundle, started shopping for baby clothes, shopping for maternity sexy clothes, planning pregnancy photo shoots for when my tummy gets bigger, planning baby shower was so excited that my baby will be born in dec/Jan and be a Capricorn like me.

Well God had other plans I rushed to the hospital cuz of severe abdominal pains I was scared for my baby and was praying to God to please protect my baby for me . when I got to the hospital my worst nightmare came to reality the doctor told me that I had an ectopic pregnancy and if they don’t rush me in for surgery immediately my Fallopian tube will burst and I’ll have internal bleeding and die immediately ,

I cried, my heart was broken 💔, I was like why me God why 💔 I called my mom immediately we both cried and she prayed for me 🙏🙏 so I was rushed in . Woke up the next morning with the worst pain, stitches on my tummy, I couldn’t use the bathroom or even walk, I was alone all by myself no one there for me or to take care of me it was hard . But few days later I was tired of crying and being sad and depressed so I got out of my bed , showered put on makeup, wear a wig, wore my sexy lingerie and decided to take pictures and videos to uplift myself and it worked. I named my baby ANGEL 👼 I would have been 6/7 months pregnant with ANGEL now ❤️❤️❤️.

I’m sharing my story today to uplift someone out there going through it right now, whatever it is don’t give up don’t allow depression to win, it’s hard I know but just put your head up and be strong it’s going to get better I promise you just put your trust in God 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️.. Deleting soon 😉.

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