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How bandits dastardly killed driver at Pusiga

Unknown gunmen shot and burned one individual to death at Nakom in the Upper East Region’s Pusiga District.

Yakubu, a 46-year-old commercial driver, drove between Bawku and Cinkase.

The robbers blocked the road and forced the passengers out before murdering and burning the deceased, according to one of the passengers.

“I was in the car with the man and three other persons.” “We observed some males sitting by the roadside on our way back from our journey,” one of the passengers recalled.

“When they saw us, they jumped up, grabbed their motorcycles, and followed our car.” I urged our driver that we should park the car at the police checkpoint since the men were pursuing us. However, the driver informed me that I was lying.

“The men got in front of us and urged us to pull over. They drew their weapons and informed the man that it was his final day on the planet. They shot him many times before collecting our belongings and taking our money.

“They told us to get out of the car and leave the dead corpse behind.” “They took out a gallon of gasoline and poured it over the body, which they then burned together with the automobile,” she explained.

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