Having sex before driving can cause road accident – Expert warns

In an interview with Benjamin Akakpo for JoyNews’ Drive Safe campaign, he issued this warning, stating that the habit is a recipe for car accidents.

He compared having sex to running a marathon, a strenuous sport that leaves a man exhausted. As a result, taking a seat behind the wheel after it may cause you to lose control.

Gabrah advised drivers to avoid engaging in sexual activity and other things that drain their energy before embarking on long drives in order to prevent accidents, according to

“Who experiences fatigue? Drivers who don’t plan their routes, drive while intoxicated, drive while working overnight, and drivers who engage in sexual activity while driving are all contributing factors.

“God fashioned sex. The reason you discover a man snoring right after having sex with a man is because men are knocked out and tired after having sex. He cautioned against getting behind the wheel to drive because he was exhausted from running more than 100 meters, according to the news website.

Gabrah also recommended that drivers avoid leaving too early when they have a long journey to take when it comes to having sex before driving.

He noted that the majority of traffic crashes that are reported on the nation’s roads take place just before dawn.

“If you’re traveling, go to bed early and get up early, but don’t leave at 4 or 5 in the morning. You will encounter people who did not sleep, particularly heavy-duty drivers.”

Meanwhile, a Ghana Police Service employee was killed instantly as a result of a horrific traffic collision involving a Sino Tipper truck and a BMW saloon.

On Sunday, July 24, a deadly accident occurred at Tema Community 25 Estate Junction on the Dawhenya stretch.

An accident between a Sino tipper truck with the license plate GG 1887-21 and a BMW with the license plate GR 772-X was revealed by the Ghana National Service.

The GNFS said in a statement that on the fatal day, around 10 p.m., its Motorway Command received a distress call and dispatched officers to the scene.

A BMW that was traveling toward Dawhenya when a Sino Tipper Truck carrying sand crashed into it, instantly killing the driver, who was later identified as a Ghana Police Service employee.

The statement said that personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service were able to free the imprisoned body of the afflicted person and rescue it. They then gave it to the MTTD of the Ghana Police Service for preservation and further investigation.

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