Have sex twice every week – Health expert urges men

Married males are advised to have sex at least twice each week, according to Dr. Charity Twumasi, the chief executive officer of Chartma Herbal Health Centre.

She advised doing this since it will help lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

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On Prime Morning on Tuesday, she spoke with Asieduwaa Akumia and stated that having too much sex causes the prostate gland to be overused and lose its effectiveness.

“I often advise men that having too much of anything is unhealthy, and a man’s ejaculate comprises 400 million cells. Therefore, if a man enters a room with a woman right now and they engage in sexual activity, that male is bringing out 400 little cells.

Now, there is a great likelihood that the gland will lead to prostate cancer if it is misused. Do it at least twice per week. Don’t commit suicide. If you want to measure it in quantities based on the 400 cells, you would need to draw one pint of blood, she said.

She added that males who engage in abusive sexual behavior are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Male health expert: “Have sex twice a week.”
Asieduwaa Akumia and Dr. Charity Twumasi on Prime Morning
Additionally, Charity Twumasi disclosed that some guys get weaker earlier since they overused their strength while they were younger.

It is thought that prostate infections are inevitable in older men.

But according to Dr. Twumasi, younger men who engage in excessive sex run a higher danger than older guys.

“In the past, we had prostate problems with older males. Even the younger generations are suffering now. Because some people masturbate and engage in other sexually explicit behavior, I’ve diagnosed two men—one aged 30 and the other 21, with prostate cancer.

Men should avoid consuming coffee, she advised, as it will impair their performance and weaken the prostate gland.

However, the health expert has pleaded with males to eat things like ginger, watermelon shells, tiger nuts, coconut, and bitter kola mixed together.

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