Hammer of The Last 2: “I spent over 15 years locked up in a room without a window.”

The well-known Ghanaian record producer quit working in the country’s music industry years ago and started a business selling bread and other goods. Misic icons like Tinny, Obrafour, Sarkodie, Tee Phlow, and others are the work of Hammer.

Hammer gave his reasons for quitting music production, citing the fact that he was spending all of his time in his studio, eating late, and not leaving the building solely to create beats for musicians.

“I felt like a prisoner because I was bored. I had been imprisoned in a chamber without a window for at least 15 years. The performers come and go, but when these boys who were bouncing around on stage returned, you were still there, he said.

He said, “I sat down for eight hours playing, making beats, and producing, and it got dull at some point,” on the GTV Breakfast show with host Kafui Dey. When I finally had the chance to leave, I transformed into an uncaged dog. You can spot me on the street because of that.

Hammer also admitted that he rarely exercises, thus the countless hours he spent in the studio caused him to acquire weight.

“I go by the name Slim The Hammer.” I was an athletic in Presec, not overweight. So, the studio was this massive company,” Hammer added.

Hammer claims that for the previous seven years, he hasn’t touched any sound engineering tools. “My kids utilize a tiny setup at home, so after they’ve played with it, I want to get it back in my hands. But I’m going to need some assistance. I haven’t touched equipment in seven years,” he said to Kafui Dey.

Since taking a break from making music, Hammer has ventured into other industries, collaborating with a baker to launch one of Accra’s most well-known bread brands, and most recently, Ekumfi juice.

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