Hajia Bintu debunks claims of dating Shatta Wale, says he is her godfather

Tik Tok star, Hajia Bintu has reacted to claims that she is dating popular musician Shatta Wale.

She claimed that her connection with Shatta Wale was only business.

It was only about business. I’ve never had anything resembling a connection with Shatta Wale. Both he and I respect each other “said he.

She claimed that she was not even close to the musician at the time of the well-known “Hajia Bintu” music video she made with him.

“The music video was finished three days after he published the song, and that was it. Between us, nothing occurred.

I don’t even know why Ghanaians think there could be something between us because no one saw us entering a hotel or anything. I see comments that Shatta Wale is my ex but I really don’t care and I don’t mind them,” Hajia Bintu added. She, however, noted that the musician checks up on her once in a while and now he is her Godfather.

He acts like a godfather to me; he occasionally checks on me and that’s it.

Shatta Wale, a dancehall musician, released the song “Hajia Bintu” a few years ago.

Shatta Wale’s lone remaining militant, Captan, and ‘Ara B,’ his prodigal who has just reconnected with him after they previously split up, are featured in the song named after the popular curvaceous TikTok actress.

The Tik Tok star herself is featured in the music video for the song that talks about “Hajia Bintu” playing three males. “Merry Christmas present Heart with ribbon #HajiaBintu,” Shatta Wale stated in the song’s release announcement.

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