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GUTA hints at products shortage ahead of festive season

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) has suggested that there may be a shortage of commodities in December during the holiday season.

It claims that the containers leaving the port are not very noteworthy.

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Public relations officer Joseph Paddy told Joy Business that the depreciation of the cedi has increased the cost of duty and freight, which has discouraged individuals from importing.

“Containers that are coming out of the port are nothing good to write home about. People are not importing, people are keeping their money because if you import you can’t sell and break even or even maximize. So what we are going to see in the shortest possible time we are going to see a shortage of goods”.

He continued, “They would rather retain their money in Treasury notes than import and lose.

Mr. Paddy went on to say that because living expenses are so high, imports are prohibited by traders.

You can’t import at that stage and turn a profit, seriously. As a result, they are not imported.

“I just went to the port yesterday [November 1, 2022], it is a disgrace, no containers are going out of the ports; even Golden Jubilee, where they clear approximately 100 containers a day, you get there and there’s only about 2 containersrs or 30 containers,” he continued.

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