GTP relaunched with a new captivating slogan, charming designs

The fashion conglomerate has updated its motto from “timeless” to “Life. styled” as part of the rebranding.

On Monday, August 8, the GTP’s production facilities in Tema will host the magnificent rebranding show.

A fashion show featuring some of the best Ghanaian fashion models, designed by some of the best designers in the nation, was held in conjunction with the event to unveil GTP’s new look and rebranding.

Additionally, it emphasizes developing new items for the market, enhancing existing ones, and growing its production base.

At the program’s conclusion, Miss Fatoumata Doro, the Managing Director (MD) for Vlisco Ghana-GTP Fashion Limited, declared that soon, the nation, the entire African continent, and the entire world will recognize GTP as the top fashion brand.

Miss Doro thanked everyone for their efforts in promoting GTP and invited them to join them once more in realizing their new ambition.

“I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the program, especially the new concepts we showed off. We hope to become the top African fashion company in the near future, and in order to do so, we will need your support both now and in the years to come “She spoke.

The Managing Director spoke on the topic of the relaunch on the sidelines of the event and went into great depth. She stated: “We relaunched the brand today, but the new TSA has undergone a significant makeover to become a joyous Ghana.

“We want to maintain our growth, become innovative, and constantly come up with new designs to redefine our business,” she continues. In the next five to six years, we also plan to support roughly 5,000 Ghanaian tailors.

The brand ambassador for GTP and renowned Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah shed more light on the necessity of the company’s rebranding when she said, “As you know, for the past years, I have been promoting and making sure that the brand GTP is selling worldwide, so we will keep on with the promotion and as we have moved from timeless to “Life. Styled”, we hope that our brand becomes a global one.”

Several fashion-loving people, including Akumaa Mama Azimbi of multimedia, fashion designers, members of the general public, and members of the media, attended the relaunch.

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