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GRA clears air on imposition of luxury vehicle levy

According to a social media report, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has not imposed duties on luxury vehicles.

The GRA has referred to the reports as being wholly untrue and has encouraged the general people to ignore them.

“The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been made aware of a phony letter purporting to be from the organization and doing the rounds on social media under the heading Implementation of Luxury Vehicle Levy.

According to the aforementioned letter, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has been given permission to levy a fee annually on high-end luxury automobiles.

The statement emphasized that the DVLA is not authorized to collect such charges and that no such levies have been levied on premium automobiles.

“GRA wishes to inform the general public that this publication was not produced by the authority and that its contents are absolutely untrue,” it said. “Neither has the DVLA been authorized to collect such fees.

According to GRA, investigations into the origin of this false material are currently being conducted, and anyone found to have knowingly created and disseminated this information will face appropriate sanctions.

Therefore, it has issued a warning to the general public asking them not to spread such incorrect information.

The GRA recommended the general people to confirm any information pertaining to taxes and levies or the authority by contacting us at 0800-900-110,, or via WhatsApp at 0552 990 000 and 0200 631 664.

We’ve not imposed levies on luxury vehicles -GRA

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