GPRTU: Transports fares to go up again

The GPRTU leadership claims that the constant rise in fuel prices is to blame for the rising tariffs.

The organization claims that owners of commercial vehicles are suffering financially as a result of the ongoing increase in the price of petroleum products.

At most gas stations, the cost of gasoline per litre has surpassed GH11, and the cost of diesel per litre has beyond GH14.

Abbas Moro, the GPRTU’s head of communications, emphasized in an interview with Citi News that union members are advocating for higher transportation costs.

“We have educated the general public that whenever gasoline prices climb by 10% or more over the current amount, we must automatically raise rates. There are a lot of things to watch out for, like the current economic climate, he said.

Therefore, for where we are going, we cannot keep making sacrifices; unquestionably, when our leadership meets, something positive must emerge.

In May, transportation costs increased by 20 percent.

The nationwide average price for gasoline and diesel as of May 9, 2022, when the new rates went into effect, was GH9.41 for gasoline and GH11.12 for diesel.

Transport fare increases totaled 15% in February of this year.

According to the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC), the increase was made in consideration of the misery of drivers, commuters, and the general public as well as in accordance with the administrative arrangement on public transportation charges.

The Council’s general secretary, Emmanuel Ohene Yeboah, told JoyNews that despite the public outcry over the change, their decision has not changed.

It’s sad that some individuals are claiming on social media and in the news that they won’t follow through with our percentage increase, but I believe that would be unfair and unprofessional. As we previously stated, the rise in transportation costs of 15% is still in effect.

Several objections from the public, who are already irate at the nation’s economic suffering, have been made in response to the change, he added.

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