Gov’t is ruling Ghana with reckless people and Nana Addo is asleep – Financial analyst

His remarks follow the economic policy and mid-year budget update for 2022 delivered by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, who neglected to include any plans to ease Ghanaians’ financial misery.

Ofori-budget Atta’s was referred to as “an insult to Ghanaians” by Annan.

He claimed that in order to avoid being labeled a failure, the government is hiding from the populace.

“You’re clinging to reality because of concern that we’ll declare you to have failed. Government officials are being careless in their rule. The President is dozing off. If so, there was no reason for this midyear assessment to take place. Ghanaians take offense at it.

“You are aware of the answer to your problems, but you chose to disregard it. In African politics, we want to present a positive image everywhere. With money, we are dishonest. Even when we are not good, we desire to appear good. Instead of being specific with reality, we generalize everything and declare that we are good.

Why should we waste time in Parliament? He hardly said anything yesterday. The Parliament, in my opinion, is the only thing that can preserve our country. We ought to consult our conscience, he advised.

He thinks that although politicians are aware of the solution to Ghana’s economic woes, they have chosen to ignore it and focus on cosmetic solutions rather than telling the people of Ghana the truth.

He lamented the frequency with which people cheat their way to the top and challenged the Vice President to tell Ghanaians the truth.

He observed: “Another issue is the rhetoric they use to gain power. The Veep is one individual who needs to be completely truthful with the Ghanaian people. He ought to acknowledge that we fell short. Come together as a group and map out a new part. But the production of unauthorized money starts when authority figures convince us that everything is fine.”

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