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Govt increases daily minimum wage to GH¢14.88

The national tripartite committee had completed its negotiations, the Minister stated, and “we think now is the appropriate time to convey to Ghanaians on the conclusion of the negotiations,” during a press conference on November 16 in Accra.

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He claimed that the committee considered the existing economic difficulties, the cost of living, the viability of businesses, and the merits of achieving higher levels of employment.

“The committee came to the conclusion that there was a need to raise the national daily minimum pay by 10% over the 2022 level, which equates to a new national daily minimum salary of GH14.88 pesewas and a cost of living allowance of 15% over the 2023 level.

“The first day of January 2023 shall be the effective date for the implementation of the 2023 national daily minimum wage.

“All establishments, institutions, and organizations shall modify their daily minimum pay correspondingly starting on January 1, 2023,” he stated.

Since Monday, November 14, meetings between Organized Labor, the Ghana Employers Association, and the government have been taking place to determine the national daily minimum wage for 2023.

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