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Government releases funds to senior high schools to support feeding

Senior High Schools around the nation have received funding from the government to support their feeding, according to the Ministry of Education’s spokeswoman, Kwasi Kwarteng.

In a press release, he mentioned that the government had given the National Food Buffer Stock Company a check for 126,000,000 won, covering non-perishable food supplies.

A total of 72,106,603 has also been made available to all Senior High and TVET Schools in the nation to cover recurring expenses and perishable food supplies.

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This follows a year-long irregularity in the food supply to schools across the nation.

As the situation with the food scarcity gets worse, certain senior high schools across the nation are in danger of closing.

In July, the Education Ministry had said food supplies will reach the schools after the Upper West Regional Chapter of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) issued a 7-day ultimatum for the delivery to be made.

But it soon became clear that the administration had broken its pledge.

Kwesi Kwarteng, the Public Relations Officer for the Education Ministry, admitted that there had been issues with the delivery in his defense.

The development has further agitated senior high school administrators around the nation.

The spokeswoman for the Education Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng, assured the public that the “Ministry is committed to guaranteeing the timely delivery of appropriate and quality food products to all Second Cycle institutions.”

The statement’s conclusion read, “The Ministry further reiterates its commitment to ensuring the smooth and effective distribution of other resources in its effort to develop and sustain quality education in Ghana.

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