Gospel musician: I met my husband at a nightclub

Amy Newman, a renowned Ghanaian gospel singer, stated that she met her husband at a club because she enjoyed clubbing.

Amy Newman claimed to have loved dancing as a child, and in her younger years, she frequently visited her brother’s club in Takoradi to have fun.

“One of my talents is dancing. I was seen by my husband in the club. He noticed that I was there, but he stayed away. He visited my home with a friend a week later. In essence, that’s where it all began, Amy Newman said in an interview with TV XYZ.

She claimed that her spouse, who was in love with her, came out out and told her that he wanted to marry her.

She remarked, “He came right out and said he wanted to marry me.

The seasoned singer claimed that she wasn’t a club girl at the time but instead went there to have fun and eventually got married at the age of 18.

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