GOIL cautions public against fraudulent fuel subsidy promotion

A bogus gasoline subsidy promotion plan is being warned about by the leading oil marketing company, GOIL, and a link to it is being shared on social media.

The ad entices gullible clients to participate in a phony trivia contest where victors will get free gifts and a cash prize of $500.

Some alleged syndicate members have even gone so far as to use fictitious accounts to verify that they have successfully redeemed their prizes.

However, GOIL advises the public to disregard the aforementioned gasoline subsidy marketing since it is a fraud.

It said that “the corporation always shall adequately notify the public of future promotional activities.”

The public is now encouraged to go to, which is GOIL’s official website.

Hp and other business social network accounts for up-to-date information on special offers, merchandise, and services,” it emphasized.


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