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GNFS-Using phone in the kitchen can cause fire explosion

The Ghana National Fire Services (GNFS) has warned that using mobile phones in the kitchen is risky because it might result in a fire explosion.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Assistant Chief Fire Officer I (ACFOI), Madam Doris Lamptey, the Tema GNFS Commander, said that there were some combustible micro magnetic substances in the mobile phones, and that bringing them closer to the gas could cause a fire explosion in the kitchen.

“You never know when the unexpected might happen, therefore it is best not to carry the phone to the kitchen, especially when the location is hot,” she added, adding that all sorts of phones could trigger such explosions.

ACFOI Lamptey also advised against using a coal pot with a fire near a gas cylinder because it might easily trigger a fire explosion in various dwellings, noting that even a tiny amount of fire can produce a fire explosion.

“Gas is hazardous, and any bare flame might produce an explosion,” she explained, “which is why we say don’t allow the cylinder go close to the burner because of the fire.”

The Commander added that in order to decrease fire breakouts this year and promote fire safety awareness, the command has begun a daily sensitization of the region’s diverse populations.

“This 2022, the service has taken it upon itself to reduce the number of fires to a bare minimum, so we are conducting a fire safety campaign,” she explained. “Recognizing that domestic fires are always on the rise, we have begun with the slums because they are the source of the majority of residential fires.”

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