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Ghosts are chasing me, pray for me’ – actor cries out after marking birthday in cemetery

Kumawood actor Samuel Nkrumah is having sleepless nights after choosing to mark his birthday in a cemetery.

Photos from the actor’s birthday celebration went viral, shocking Ghanaians. He did so, he claims, because he wanted Ghanaians to understand that having a birthday indicates you’re closer to death than you realize.
The actor’s girlfriend fell at the birthday celebration just as he was ready to propose to her. After Remes Kay emerged from a coffin to propose to her, this occurred.
“I didn’t want to talk about it, but let me utilize this occasion so that if anyone has any prayers or support, they may provide it,” he stated, referring to issues that arose from his difficult birthday party “..

“I took a ring out of my pocket to propose to my girlfriend.” ‘Will you marry me?’ I said as I took out the ring and kneeled in front of her. “She slumped with her arms clasped across her breast,” Samuel Nkrumah told GhPage.

“Yes, he consented to lie (in the coffin) because if you don’t make the things you do appear real, people would think it’s a joke,” he explained. However, if you want it to be as realistic as possible, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary components. We know we’re going to the cemetery, and we can’t go without a coffin… therefore, because we’re going to celebrate a birthday, we’ll need a coffin as well.”

He now talks about how the incident has affected him “When I sleep, I have the impression that I have left my body and am being led back into my room. I hear what sounds like someone trying to open my door by shaking it. It sometimes feels as if someone is seeking for me and crying out my name.

“Someone knocked on my door this morning and said, “Come on in, they’re waiting for us.” I noticed two persons standing outside with their backs to me when I opened my curtains. So I’ve tried calling my pastor, but he hasn’t returned my calls.

“I don’t regret it since it was a message we were attempting to convey.” Once you have a life, you should seek the face of God so that you will not be unhappy when you die. “This message is my motivation,” Samuel Nkrumah declared.

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