Ghanaians awaiting deportation are detained in Dubai

As they wait for assistance from the Ghanaian government, 431 Ghanaians who were scheduled for expulsion from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to expired travel documents have been imprisoned in Dubai.

Francis Frimpong, the inmates’ spokesperson, alleges that the group was duped by Ghanaian travel and tour companies after they made them promises of rich employment prospects and other alluring offers.

Breastfeeding women who had been detained in difficult conditions at the airport, according to Mr. Frimpong, are among them.

He claimed that almost all of them were persuaded to fly to the Gulf nation in search of greener pastures, but after paying astronomical processing fees, the travel agencies that processed their paperwork failed to uphold their end of the bargain.

“We were initially taken to the deportation center, where they claimed an airplane was waiting to take us home, but that was untrue. We were then detained after being sent to the headquarters of their immigration service.

“Since we are not permitted to go outside, all we do now for a few months is take baths and sleep. Although several of us are sick, we are not permitted to leave the house. Several new mothers have recently given birth among us, and their health is declining,” he lamented.

He claims that after reaching out to the Republic of Ghana’s Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates, they were promised government assistance, but it has yet to materialize as they continue to struggle in detention.

“The Consulate said they would help us and arrange for our return flights to Ghana, but things are still uncertain. After making such a promise, the Consulate has not contacted us, he lamented.

Mr. Frimpong was able to get in touch with Crime Check Foundation (CCF) to express their complaints to the Ghanaian authorities, pleading with them to intervene as quickly as possible to prevent their situation from getting worse.

He took the opportunity to warn would-be immigrants to avoid tempting offers from travel agencies and to secure the proper documentation from reliable sources.

“When we arrived, we were promised that our employers would renew our visas, but this was not the case. Since finding a work in this area is challenging, anyone who promises you a decent job is lying to you. Stay and work in Ghana, he advised.

However, when CCF approached the Consulate to get more information, the Consulate declined to comment.

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