Ghanaians are showing no fear against Elon Musk as they gear up to sue the world’s richest man for unequal and unjust treatment and intimidation tactics

Former employees of Ghanaian Twitter have spoken out about how Elon Musk treated them, and they are very unhappy.

Elon Musk has been on a firing spree since taking over Twitter in late October in an effort to reduce the company’s 7000 employees to 3500. Naturally, this had an impact on the entire market, and no Twitter employee was safe.


Twitter only operated out of one location in Africa, a 12-person team-run office in Accra, Ghana.

The Tesla founder’s decision to terminate all but one employee at the sole Twitter office on the entire African plain made very little sense given the company’s already small employee base. The tale can be read here.

Whatever his justifications, Elon is facing resistance from the former Ghanaian employees, who insist that they be given the same 3-month severance package as their American and European counterparts.

Additionally, they have urged their government to order Twitter to abide by Ghana’s redundancy rules, which guarantee employees a fair negotiation process and redundancy money.

CNN said that “laid-off staff at Twitter’s Africa headquarters are accusing the company of “deliberately and carelessly flouting the laws of Ghana” and of attempting to “suppress and intimidate” them after they were sacked.

The team has retained counsel and written to the firm requesting that it adhere to the labor rules of the country of West Africa and give them additional severance pay and other pertinent perks, similar to what other Twitter employees will receive.

In a letter to the richest man in the world, the former Ghanaian Twitter employees laid out their issues and demanded certain things. According to a portion of the letter, “it is clear that Twitter, Inc. under Mr. Elon Musk is either deliberately or recklessly flouting the laws of Ghana, is operating in bad faith, and is indulging in tactics designed to intimidate and silence former employees into accepting any terms imposed unilaterally.”

According to CNN’s story, the ex-Ghanaian Twitter employees were not provided with severance compensation, despite the fact that it was “mandated by Ghana’s labor rules, based on their employment contracts.” They assert that unlike employees in the US and Europe, they were not told of the following measures until one day after CNN covered their story.

The Ghanaian workforce has so far recruited a lawyer to represent them in court against Elon. They have stated that they are unable to bargain with Twitter since the social media platform has so far refused to allow them to speak with them by email, which keeps returning.

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