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Ghanaian student escapes from kidnappers who kept him in a cemetery (watch)

Rebecca Nantomah, the victim, is a student at the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) in Bole, Savannah Region. named Rebecca as the victim.

He claims that the attackers beat him on the neck, knocked him out cold, and then abducted him from the school grounds during Sunday supper.

Nantomah claimed that when he came to after passing out, he discovered two men guarding him at the Bole royal cemetery.

The two men then demanded his families’ phone numbers so they could presumably demand a ransom. Nantomah called his classmates to share his ordeal while attempting to provide his captors with the phone number they had asked.

One of the kidnappers went to the phone to check his suspicion that the victim might have called for help rather than merely following their orders.

Nantomah took advantage of the opportunity to try to flee while he was working on the verification procedures. To stop the young victim from running away, the other man who was entrusted to watch over him engaged him in combat. However, the victim defeated him. He was able to reunite with his classmates and tell them about his situation.

Teachers and students alike are terrified as a result of the occurrence.

Alhassan Salifu, the Bole NVTI’s principal, voiced concern for the safety of the students, who he claimed occasionally leave the school in search of water.

He has consequently pushed for increased security at the school, nearby it, and throughout the entire Bole municipality.

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