Ghanaian man who is sleeping with rich married woman seeks help to save his life

“I met this woman when I was working at the Accra Mall. I helped her with her groceries to the car park, and she took my number. So we started talking, and we became lovers. She is about 20 years older than me.

“She asked if I have a girlfriend, and I denied it because even before we became lovers, she was sending money for my lunch. She was giving me Ghc1,000 for lunch.

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“At a point, she asked me to stop my job at the mall because it wasn’t paying much, and she got me a better job. She bought me a car. I was perching with my friend, but after I met her, she rented an apartment for me,” Godwin revealed.

He said that he is now uncomfortable with the discovery that his sugar mummy is a married woman who he has been sleeping with.

His fear, however, is that opting out of the romantic relationship with her would catapult him and his girlfriend back into poverty having been used to a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the sugar mummy.

“To play my cards well, I arranged for her to only come to the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And then my girlfriend on Friday to spend the weekend.

“I started feeling more for her because she was making me comfortable better than my girlfriend could. My girlfriend started asking questions about the source of my luxurious life. So I told her about the woman, saying she took me as her son because I helped her. Months into the relationship with this older woman, I got to know she is married. The fact that she is someone’s wife worries me. I can’t also tell my girlfriend, or she will leave,” Godwin lamented.

Another thing that has been eating the young man up is the fact that the sugar mummy visited him incognito and caught him and his girlfriend having sex.

According to him, instead of reacting angrily, the woman patiently sat and waited for them to finish the sexual intercourse before speaking with him calmly.

She has since remained silent and wouldn’t talk about the development despite his attempts to address that matter, while she continues to give him all the goodies as usual.

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