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Ghanaian lady is suing Facebook user over defamatory comment

Gyandoh Asmah & Co. stated in a stern letter that their client posted on her Facebook page on September 13, 2022, ostensibly making a general observation on the infidelity of married males.

Adwo Animah’s post did not make any mention of anyone, but Dorkah took a screenshot of it and uploaded it on his Facebook wall with a “demeaning” title. This screenshot quickly went viral and sparked a number of responses.

The law office claimed that Dorka’s pidgin English caption misrepresented their client as a promiscuous, unchaste, and immoral woman.

“That the aforementioned comment you wrote on your Facebook wall in reaction to her post on our Client’s own wall, is devoid of any basis in reality and was created solely with the intention of humiliating our Client,” the letter reads.

“That in fact, except than knowing that you are on Facebook, our Client has not personally interacted with you and has no other information of you,”

“Our Client struggles to comprehend the purpose behind your fairly inaccurate and degrading comment, unless you said it while suffering from a specific delusion, hallucination, or out of sheer malice.

“That she has diminished in the eyes of right thinking members of society as a result of the incorrect information you posted about our Client on your Facebook page.

That our Client has suffered from intolerable public humiliation and opprobrium as a result of your bogus information’s popularity and Facebook reactions and likes, the letter claims in part.

Dorkah is being urged to withdraw, apologize to Adwo Animah, and then delete his defamatory post from all social media networks in order to avoid being sued for libel.

“We have our Client’s explicit permission to demand, and we hereby demand: a. You remove and/or delete all defamatory content you have published against our Client, including but not limited to: b. You publish a statement retracting all the false statements you made about our Client in all the media you used to disseminate the defamatory content; c. You offer our Client an unequivocal apology for embarrassing them, giving the apology the same prominence you gave your defamatory article.

Take notice that the letter said that failure to comply with all of the demands in the preceding paragraph within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving it would result in legal action being taken against you without further recourse from us.

The letter has been making the rounds on social media after Adwo Animah posted it on her Facebook page and served it to Dorkah, claiming that her attempts to personally contact him had been unsuccessful.

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